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2th 8, 2004, Shannxi Investment Group Company, Changda Coal Chemical Co., Ltd and Shannxi Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd has signed formally cooperation agreement.

25th, 8,2005, Shannxi Xinxing Coal Chemical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd has registered and founded.

11th, 10, 2004, the project feasible research report has passed the examination.

12, 2005, the construction of equipment has finished.

1,2006, the first set of DMTO industrial examination of ten thousand-class has come into flow examination stage.

22th, 6, 2006, the industrial examination has finished and all dates of technology process.

23th, 8, 2006, China Petrol and Chemical industrial association has hold technology result appraise meeting of DMTO in BeiJing.

24th, 8, 2006, Shannxi province government and CAS hold News issue meeting in Beijing to declare formally that the first world-class industrial examination of DMTO of ten thousand has succeeded in Shannxi.

28th, 9,2006, Shannxi province Development and Reform Commission hold the Check and accept meeting of DMTO industrial examination in Xi’an.

19th, 3, 2007, the project of DMTO industrial examination come into ‘2006 ten-top important innovate production of CAS’.

15th, 8, 2007, the first DMTO of 200,000 tons has licensed to Shannxi Xinxing Coal Olefin Co., Ltd.

17th 9,2007, the DMTO technology of 600,000 tons has licensed to ShenHua Group in Beijing.

Shannxi Xinxing Coal Chemical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd market and license the DMTO technology of its own knowledge property right to the whole world from 2008.

25th 11,2008, Name of Shannxi Xinxing Coal Chemical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd was changed for Syn energy technology Co., Ltd.

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